About the Artist

Welcome to my site. I have been both hiking and drawing since my teens. Only in recent years did I attempt to capture the scenes so often viewed with awe on a hike into a painting or drawing of some sort.

There is great personal connection associated with each picture, as I have personally had to climb or hike to each location to capture the moment in some way. I realised that that same personal connection with a particular location would also experienced by other hikers, and thus, I felt my pictures would be appreciated by others who share a love for the outdoors and Art.

While experimenting with different media, I was playing around with Turf as a medium, and the idea is to actually take the outdoor environment into our homes when it is incorporated into an image of some sort. This was not limited to pictures of mountains, as it was very suitable for rustic portraits, signifying the ground out of which some Irish personalities have been formed.

I hope that you find the images inspiring and that you will be encouraged to continue to value the beauty of the great outdoors that Ireland has to offer. Safe hiking!


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