Oils are not my medium of choice. It is very time consuming. However, its effects are hand to beat, and some pictures just have to be done in Oils to capture the strength of colour and solid form. It would be hard to paint a picture like K2 in another medium. The advantage of being able to return to an oil painting and add additional layers is a positive aspect if you are not happy with your first result. It is a very flexible medium allowing you develop a picture in a different direction after commencement. I will be doing more of these.


Lough MaskLough Mask

My good neighbours in Tourmakeady Co.Mayo are the best in the world. Margaret wanted a present for her son Martin for his new house, which overlooked the lake, but from a distance. Martin’s house was huge. He had massive wall spaces that just begged for big pictures. This painting was done on three canvasses to help fill the spaces. The scene is of a small bay in the lake where Martin likes to fish, with the islands and the hills opposite, with distant hills heading off toward the Maumturks. A place worthy of a lot more pictures of which this one is not the first.




K2 is that ideal mountain. The perfect pyramidal peak. More difficult than Everest to climb. A true challenge that invokes awe. This view of K2 with the evening light catching the upper slopes was a delight to paint. Capturing the massive faces in shadow, and the treacherous ridges as they catch the light was an effect I had to stand back and observe and dip in and out until the light was just right. The climbers viewing their challenge in the cold valley of the foreground show that spirit of mountaineering, where climbers admire their challenge with respect.

Price: Unframed. Oil on Board. Euro 450


The Bog DewThe Bog Dew

The Bog Dew is a small carnivorous plant that leaves in the bogs of Ireland, and often found in the blanket bog on the Irish Hills. A good friend of mine had a fascination with them, and requested a painting of them. Their intricate delicate sticky fingers are so peculiar, they make the plant look unreal in a close up. However, this is the plant. Placing this bright and delicate detail on top of a rough boggy and muddy background is the striking contrast that makes this picture.


Carrontuohill in Snow

This is a painting of the sun catching the top of Carrantuohill in Jan 2010 during the big freeze. The mountain was a frenzy with climbers getting an opportunity to do some good winter mountaineering routes on the mountain. This picture is looking up at the North ridges of the mountain, with the Howling and Primrose ridges evident, catching the sun as it just comes up.
Oil on Canvas, 28″ x 19.5″, unframed. in private collection

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