Pastels is one of my favourite mediums for sketching, especially for portraits. You can do simple drawings with them, and lay additional layers on top. There is a great variety of colours available, so one can build up blends of colour quite easily.



Cong Wood

In the winter the leaves of the trees of the woods around Cong in Galway/Mayo are thin, and light penetrates through. Additionally the land is soaked and swamped in water. This gives an Everglades atmosphere. This drawing in pastels of some of the moss covered trees in Cong with light coming from above is a favourite. The colour and detail takes work, but it is well worth it.

Price. Original in Private Collection. Prints available.



Derryclare in Snow

To see the 12 Pins in Galway with snow cover is not a common sight. This view of the Glencoaghan horseshoe, with Derryclare on the right is viewed from the shores of Derryclare Lough in late December with the Scots Pines on the island.

Clouds are difficult in most paintings, and these cold winter clouds hovering above my favourite mountains in Ireland, gave me a challenge.

The coldness of the lake water comes through with the contrast of colours, and overall it is a scene of an oasis of life within a harsh environment, with the island trees holding out against the barrenness of the scene.

Price. Framed Euro 650

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