Watercolour has always challenged me. It is a technique were there is little room to fix mistakes. You have to be ahead of the medium. The great watercolorists use the flow of water to great effect. This I admire and hope to emulate. The National Gallery of Irelands collection of Turner’s watercolours is a collection of masterpieces which challenge me so much. There is something in watercolour that has a will of its own and the final pictures have elements that are beyond the control of the artist. So each picture is a surprise to the artist and a challenge. A great medium.


Ashleigh Falls - Framed. Euro 345Ashleigh Falls

Ashleigh Falls, Co. Mayo, made famous in the movie “the Field”, are a great place to watch salmon jump in winter when the falls are in flood. This picture is taken when the falls were in flood, and the flow of the bog water over the falls shows the brown of the bog water. Capturing the volume and power of this water was the object of this picture, and I was happy with the final effect.

Price: Framed. Euro 345




Brandon Peak, Co. Kerry (private collection)

Brandon Peak

Brandon Peak, Co. Kerry is one of the best looking mountains in Ireland. On one side the land slopes off to Ballyferriter, and on the North-eastern sides there are fine cliffs. One day on a hike across the ridge, a sea fog came in and filled the valleys giving a great scene as the peaks poked their heads above the mist. We basked in warm sunshine above the chilly clouds. The capture the mist up against the mountain is the challenge of that great moment, and we have it here.

Price: (private collection )




There are few places that can beat Glendalough for its beauty and tranquillity. Rightly chosen by St.Kevin for his monastic community. This picture of the upper lake on a bright day with some clouds hanging over the tops of the higher hills is typical for Glendalough. The reflections in the water, and the transparency of the water revealing the gravel of the lake bottom takes you into the lakes clean water. The watercolour tricks to capture this worked well and I was very happy with the outcome.

Price: Framed Euro 245



This painting was done as a gift to Chungwa and Peter as a house warmer. It was commissioned by a friend. I included two figures to represent Chungwa and Peter, but did not like the final result. So when the picture was framed I had the figures blocked out with the mount and presented the picture in portrait layout as opposed to the landscape layout presented here. The close up of the Silent Valley Reservoir section of the painting gives a much improved final outcome.

Price: (private collection )




The Big Gun

This is a light watercolour of the Big Gun in the Eastern Reeks as one does the traverse of the MacGillicuddy’s Reeks in Co. Kerry. This shows a clearing of the clouds for a time when leaving Cnoc Mor to move over to “ the Big Gun” with Cnoc na Peiste to the right. This is some of the best hiking in Ireland and always worth a visit. The painting is done primarily with “wet on dry” watercolour technique, which is more like pen and ink in appearance. It is an example of an earlier work.

Price: Unframed. Watercolour on Paper. Euro 145.



Glendalough climber

The quality of the climbing along with the variety of grades attracts climbers of all standards to Glendalough, and makes it a favourite destination for Dublin climbers in particular. The Irish Mountaineering Club has operated a climbing hut in the area since the 1950s. Below the crag is an extensive boulder field. This is a popular location for bouldering activities, the boulders within easy reach of the path being especially popular.
Watercolour, 18″ x 14″ framed. Euro 150

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