Easter 2012 – Street Art

I had thought of doing some street Art in relation to the Easter season. As I had done ” the Praying Hands” by Durer for RTE’s the Angelus, it was obvious that something in this line could be done. I had been in Madrid and visited the Prada gallery and seen some of Caravaggio’s work. Also, there is the famous Caravaggio in the Dublin National gallery. I like Caravaggio. So, for the Easter, I thought of doing a replica of Caravaggio’s ” the Entombment of Christ”. This involved 6 figures, in an arrangement that was not too difficult as the light and shade hid some of the feactures. I liked it, as it was an Easter theme and it would also prompt thought on the Gospel message of the Ressurection of Christ. I printed off a load of leaflets to give to passer’s by on the topic as I drew it. It was a good time. It took 26 hours over 2 1/2 days to complete. It was vandalized one night while I was not there, but I managed to fix it the next day with 6 hours of work. Eventually got it finished on Easter Sunday at about 3pm, about an hour and a half before the rain came and started to wash it all away. Still, it was worth it , as the tempory ” gift to the city” nature of Street Art appeals to me. I think people want to own and keep things, but street Art is not for keeping, and it is temporary, and will be washed away. If you are not there to see it, you miss it. We can’t own Street art. I like that. it is personal, immediate and intimate. Not for storing away.

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