Derryclare Lough

I just left the Pastel of Derryclare Lough with Gary Hill in Mullingar to frame. This is a large pastel of the 12 Pins in snow ( a rare sight, but taken from a photo I took there new years eve 2009 as the cold snap began for January 2010 ( the time Mark and I went up Carrantwohill in deep snow). I am not sure how this picture looks when framed, so I await the result. The picture had good tones in the clouds until I sprayed it with Fixative to fix the pastels. It darkened everything, and the clouds look a bit odd as a result. It also darkened some of the grasses in the foreground, so I had to reapply some light straw colours to the foreground grasses again, to get back to the effect I originally had before “fixing” the picture. The term “fixing” is not really a good term, as it didn’t fix much.

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