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The Artist

Welcome to my site. I have been both hiking and drawing since my teens. Only in recent years did I attempt to capture the scenes so often viewed with awe on a hike into a painting or drawing of some sort. There is great personal connection associated with each picture, as I have personally had to climb or hike to each location to capture the moment in some way. Read more...»

Mountain Art

This website is a collection of a variety of works, most of which relate to the Irish landscape, particularly the wilder places. It is an attempt to try to transport a memory of the outside landscape into our homes, but presenting a scene of a beautiful location by itself, or observing the challenge these places present to us as hikers or climbers. See more...»

other works

I have included some other works, which are not related to Mountains. These are examples of experimentations with other media, or subject matter. The Turf pictures present an unusual, yet striking, medium to work in. Portraits and life drawing are another favourite, and are included here as examples of other works. See More...»
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